Activity Title: Question formulation board for Guess Who?
Contributor: Courtney L. Beckerman
Date: 05/14/08
Short Description: Attached is board using Mayer-Johnson symbols and text to assist students in formulating appropriate questions while playing the game-Guess Who?
Standards or goals: The student will accurately formulate "wh" questions in order to play the game.
Links or Resources Needed: Guess Who?

Activity Title: Semantic Feature Analysis for Vocabulary Learning/Word Retrieval
Contributor: Stephanie Asadoorian
Date: 5/7/2008
Short Description: Semantic Feature Analysis (SFA) is a treatment technique designed to improve retrieval of conceptual information by accessing semantic networks. It has been primarily used with adult aphasics diagnosed with anomia but it may have applications for our kids with word retrieval difficulties. At an ASHA workshop on Word Retrieval given by Diane German, Ph.D. from National-Louis University in Chicago. She discussed how vocabulary learning requires both good storage strength for target words and good retrieval strength for target words. The storage strength of a particular word refers to the extent and depth of knowledge stored for that word-it's conceptual structure and semantic network.
Standards or goals: The student will retain curriculum vocabulary words by organizing word meanings and relationships in vocabulary maps with 80% accuracy given moderate to minimal cueing.
Links or Resources Needed: Here is a Semantic Feature Analysis chart I created using Boardmaker:


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