Pragmatics Lessons/Activities

Activity Title: Going to a Restaurant Role-Play
Contributor: Stephanie Asadoorian
Date: 5/6/2008
Short Description: This theme activity was created for a social pragmatics group consisting of 3 students with diagnoses of Autism who are in a substantially separate ABA program in middle school. The activity will hopefully help prepare them for a community outing to a local restaurant.
Standards or goals: This activity can be expanded in order to teach multiple IEP goals including:

1. The student will use a low-tech visual script or a voice-output device (i.e. Go Talk) in order to initiate 1-3 conversational turns in at least 3 functional daily living situations (i.e. grocery store, ordering lunch, listening to the radio etc.) using a most to least prompting schedule.

2. The student will request an item using a descriptive term (i.e. color, size, texture) starting with only one descriptive category at a time in 5 out of 10 opportunities using a most to least prompting schedule.

3. The student will label 10 new vocabulary words per term related to the community (i.e. register, price tag, shelf, cart) in pictures and with real objects with 80% accuracy.

Links or Resources Needed: I brought in paper plates, utensils, napkins, cups etc. to simulate a table-setting in a restaurant. I also brought play money and food to add to our restaurant. We had some peers join us to play different "restaurant " roles. I created simplified menus and ordering forms using Boardmaker. I placed the menus and ordering forms on card stock and laminated them. I printed out multiple copies of the menus so that I could velcro the extra pictures of menu items on top of matching pictures on the real menus. This way the menu becomes interactive for the kids by having them take the pictures off the menu and placing them on their ordering form.

Here are links to materials I created using Boardmaker: